Office Shelving

Stormor Office Shelving

Shelf Space have a range of office based storage products to meet the demands of your modern office. Clean lines and good looking, bolt free Stormor shelving has replaced the old ( industrial looking) nut and bolt angle systems of the past. This shelving has been designed with the office in mind. It can be supplied with a wide variety of accessories, purpose built for the office environment. Its strength and adjustability makes it perfect for general storage and when installed as a mobile shelving package, it provides space efficient, high density storage. Stormor shelving is the answer to any office storage problem.  
Office Shelving

Stormor shelving offers a new innovative, modular storage solution, which optimises available space and is capable of satisfying a wide range of office demands. Every Stormor office shelving system is designed to meet specific customer needs without compromise

All the benefits of many different types of steel shelving have been combined in this truly versatile and interchangeable system. With the economy of open Mono frames, the simplicity of one-piece Solo frames, or the clean lines of Duo frames, our office shelving offers it all. Steel shelves and storage accessories are a common fitting to all frame styles - so you can adapt your Stormor shelving as future needs change without worrying about compatibility.

Solo office shelving has single skin uprights, This offers a cost effective solution to everyday storage as well as being quick and easy system to assemble. Duo office shelving with its double skin uprights allows the full shelf width to be used, with its clear unimpeded access for easy insertion and removal of files. Mono shelving has open frames and is suited for the heavier duty applications and where ventilation is required

Stormor Shelving Accessories Include:

Document DividersDocument Divider

Slim profile divider designed specifically to be used with paper storage ensuring minimal wasted space on the shelf.

ShelvingDual Use Shelf

25mm section shelf with a formed open flange. Also carries suspension filing (lateral hanging files) underneath the shelf at appropriate depths. Fits all above frames.

Filing Systems Pull Out Filing Cradle

Can accomodate A4 and foolscap top loaded suspension files.

Pull Out Shelfs Pull Out Reference Shelf

Provides a flat and stable work surface for document or file reference within the aisle.

Office Filing Systems Tambour Door Kit

Roller shutter doors for security and dust protection of items stored. When open, door does not protude into aisle making this an ideal solution for secure storage where aisles are narrow.

stormor double doors  Full Height Door Kit

Hinged doors transform shelving into a secure storage cupboard. Doors feature full height verticle stiffener, 2-point locking, recessed handle and safety key.

Also: Plastic Drawers, Bin Fronts, Clip-in Garment Hanging, Floor Plinth, Back Stop, Under Shelf Divider, Part Heught Dividers, Vertical Divider