Mobile Shelving

   Home and Garage Shelving

Chrome Wire Shelving
Chrome Wire Shelving : deal for home, office and retail display
  • Strong and stylish shelving
  • Nickel chrome finish
  • Excellent light and air circulation
  • No tools, simply slots together
  • Shelf loads up to 350 kgs UDL
  • Shelf pitch every 25mm
  • Use castors for mobile units
  • No interfering uprights in corners

25mm diameter post

Our chrome wire shelving system offers simple to build and stylish storage solutions. The system is ideal for home shelving and office as well as retail display due to the open wire construction offering excellent light distribution onto the products displayed. The shelving is also suited in kitchens for storing dry food and crockery etc, whilst the excellent ventilation through the system makes it perfect for server racks and computer workstations as well as laundry and linen stores. The nickel chrome finish offers bright, clean and modern feel to the home shelving, but should only be used in dry areas and should not come into contact with moisture.

Archive ShelvingHome Shelving - Bolt Free Budget Kits

  • Simple to build, no tools
  • Incredibly strong and sturdy
  • Assemble in only 3 minutes
  • Up to 75 kgs per shelf

Available in hammer grey & galvanised
This, home shelving system is a simple to build boltless shelving kit. Inside the shelving pack are the uprights, plastic feet, shelves and instructions. All you need is a hammer to tap down the shelves, we even provide the block of wood to protect the shelves. A cost effective home shelving system for general storage.

Stainless Steel ShelvingHeavy Duty Home/Garage Shelving

“Simply Super” is a bay of home shelving designed for home use. It is an adaptation of the highly successful Super123 which was designed for commercial and industrial use. Unlike the typical home/garage shelving that is for sale in DIY outlets, this is bolt free, easy to build, and easily adjustable. It has all the benefits of industrial shelving at domestic prices. There has always been a domestic and DIY demand for this home/garage shelving, but this is the first time that it has been available in a pack that is shippable by carrier to home addresses. This bay is 1576mm high x 1000mm long x 400mm front to back. It comes with 4 shelf levels including top and bottom. Each shelf level will accept an evenly distributed load of 170Kg.

  • We deliver to you. No need to lug it back from the shops!
  • It is easy to build with simple instructions.
  • There are extra parts available on request.
  • Starter and extension bays are available.
  • Smooth durable galvanised finish. This is good in greenhouses.
  • It is also suitable for bedrooms, garages, sheds, under stairs cupboards.