Shelf Space Ltd offers a one to one consultation, to discuss your specific storage needs.Warehouse Shelving Projects We take time to appreciate the needs of your business, both financially and commercially. We aim to provide you with a flexible and efficient storage solution that meets all you specific demands. All installations are project managed using our own experienced staff. We are pleased to offer a national Installation service. We provide friendly and professional advice. If you have any questions or need advice, either phone, email or fax us with your details and we will do our very best to help you....
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Pallet RackingPallet Racking Shelf Space is one of the UK’s leading distributors of pallet racking systems, with a long standing reputation for product quality, technical back-up and first class customer service. Pallet racking comes in all sorts of configurations, but the importance of getting the basics right is the key to any pallet racking project. For safe and efficient Free Racking Surveyoperation, racking systems must be designed to fit and function with both the handling equipment and the load. Our dedicated team of specialists will work with you through all the stages of the project, providing detailed design, construction, supply, installation and commissioning to meet your exact requirements. Racking systems available include: wide aisle pallet racking, narrow aisle pallet racking, double deep pallet racking, drive-in racking, dynamic storage and specialised storage systems using pallet racking....Read more / Data Sheet

Mobile Shelving Storage SystemMobile Office Shelving
Effective storage systems are designed to provide efficient storage and retrieval. That’s why every mobile shelving system, whilst maximising the use of the floor space for storage, will also give excellent accessibility to items stored. Mobile storage systems can more than double the storage capacity of conventional static shelving or simply free up valuable floor space. Ideal applications include: office filing systems (hanging files, A4 box files & foolscap lever arch files), archive box storage and archived document storage, media tape storage (VHS, Digibeta, CD’s & DVD), high density heavy duty industrial racking and shelving, medical and patient records for hospitals, doctors surgeries, X-Ray, pathology, pharmacy, schools and educational establishments, libraries and more compact office industrial mobile shelving archive filing records tape steel storage system...Read more

Office ShelvingOffice Shelving
Shelf Space have a range of office based storage products to meet the demands of your modern office. Clean lines and good looking, bolt free Stormor shelving has replaced the old, industrial looking, nut and bolt angle systems of the past. This shelving has been designed with the office in mind. It can be supplied with a wide variety of accessories, purpose built for the office environment. Its strength and adjustability makes it perfect for general storage and when installed as a mobile shelving package, it provides space efficient, high density storage. Stormor shelving is the answer to any office storage problem. All the benefits of many different types of steel shelving have been combined in this truly versatile and interchangeable system. With the economy of open Mono frames, the simplicity of one-piece Solo frames or the clean lines of Duo frames, Stormor shelving offers it all. Steel shelves and storage accessories are a common fitting to all frame styles - so you can adapt your Stormor shelving as future needs change without worrying about compatibility....Read more

Industrial Shelving
Industrial Shelving
Euro Shelving…Wherever there’s a need for heavy duty shelving, there’s a job for Euro Shelving. From stand-alone single units to ‘multi-tier’ shelving systems, modular in design for ease of assembly, Euro shelving offers almost limitless scope for the creation of customised storage facilities; and a complementary range of accessories extends its capabilities still further. Euro Shelving features unique shelf supports that simply slot into place giving firm support for even the heaviest loading requirements, yet allowing for quick and easy repositioning whenever required. Standard shelves will support loads of up to 200Kgs (440Lbs) and when even that’s not enough, there’s the option to specify heavy or extra heavy duty for the more demanding storage environment...Read more

Just Shelving
Just Shelving….The "Just Shelving" brand offers simple, tap together, general purpose shelving. Quickly and easily assembled, requiring only a rubber mallet, this range of products offers fast and economic solutions to everyday storage and production problems. With its robust and colourful finish, these units are at home in any environment. There is also a wide range of depths and widths, offering flexible and cost-effective solutions. Available as ready to build units, shelving bays are 1,980 mm high. Additional shelf levels provide further versatility allowing systems to be designed to meet specific needs. Heavy Duty ‘Just’ Shelving Up to 525 kgs uniformly distributed load (UDL) per shelf! Strong and robust adjustable shelving for manufacturing, engineering and production environments. Available with red, blue, or dark grey uprights.. Read more

Supershelf ShelvingSupershelf Shelving
This easy to build, bolt free economy shelving system has great strength and durability. With its hard wearing and smooth zinc finish, our economy shelving is at home in any environment. The wide range of depths and widths offers flexible and cost-effective storage solutions. Standard Supershelf shelving bays are 2000mm tall but frames are available up to a height of 5000mm. Additional shelf levels and a wide range of accessories such as mesh cladding, shelf dividers, modular containers and label holders provide great versatility allowing systems to be designed to meet specific needs. The modular containers are excellent substitutes for flat shelves and enable the storage of loose unboxed parts, which would not be stable on a flat shelf. The modular containers are available in four shelf depths 320mm, 400mm, 500mm & 600mm. The economy shelving system is also a very adaptable 2 tier shelving system, incorporating staircases, walkways and handrails. The purpose of such a Garment Storagestructure is to maximise the available headroom without the need for specialist access equipment. Garment hanging racks can be designed using the economy shelving on a single or double sided basis and we can also supply bays for long garments. Bays can be up to 5 metres in height and can also incorporate shelves within the same bay. The oval shaped beams are compatible with most types of hanger and can support loads up to 80kg on a 1200mm width. Read more

Archive Shelving
Archive Shelving
Archiving any type of ‘live’ or ‘dead’ document or media, can be a costly exercise – Keep costs down by allowing SHELF SPACE to plan the most cost effective archive shelving system within the space you have available – A well planned and maintained archive shelving system enables fast and efficient file retrieval. Mobile Shelving is being used more and more in archive depositories / stores to maximise the capacity of existing rooms – at SHELF SPACE, we have an archive shelving system to meet your budget no matter how big the project. We are able to cater for the storage of a wide variety of archived material, from static shelving for archive box storage to mobile shelving, storing medical records for hospitals and tape storage for film archives. Read more

Chrome Wire Shelving
Chrome Wire Shelving
Our chrome wire shelving offers simple to build and stylish storage solutions, chrome wire shelving is ideal for home, garage and office as well as retail, Industrial and display due to the open wire construction offering excellent light distribution onto the products displayed. Chrome wire shelving provides Improved product visibility and air circulation with less moisture and dust accumulation, including a wide range of accessories are available. Our chrome wire shelving is also suitable in Kitchens for storing DRY food and crockery etc. Whilst the excellent ventilation through the system makes it perfect for server racks and computer workstations as well as laundry and linen stores.. .Read more

Kitchen shelving
Kitchen Shelving
(Active Quartermaster 2, Kitchen Shelving) employs new technology to provide a persistent and safe antibacterial surface action that can be washed many times, in fact can be steamed cleaned. After preparing the shelf to maximise adhesion high performance nylon is applied by immersion to ensure a thick cote that smoothes out edges and acute internal corners, providing a surface that is simple to wipe clean. Using new technology the antibacterial agent is incorporated into the nylon and therefore lasts as long as the coating, which we know can easily be over ten years. Active Quartermaster2 kitchen shelving is suitable for coldroom applications down to -30°C. The coating has excellent wear performance and has good chemical and corrosion resistance but may be cut with sharp objects. The Airdeck kitchen shelving wire shelf forms the heart of the Quartermaster kitchen shelving system. The open shelf and posts are designed to allow light and air to flow freely. Weather airflow is used to cool and keep fresh, to remove dirt and contaminants or to save valuable seconds in detecting and containing fire, Airdeck improves performance over solid shelving. Quartermaster 2 kitchen shelving is ideal for hygienic environments, as it has no accessible inner voids to hide contamination..... Read more

Mezzanine Floors
Mezzanine Floors
Mezzanine floors are the perfect solution to maximising the space in your existing premises. An extra floor can provide valuable extra office accommodation or storage space. Our design office uses the latest AutoCAD design and drawing package ensuring state-of-the-art Mezzanine Floor design. Drawings and information are commonly sent via fax, e-mail or post. Our projects are designed to comply with current British Standards for Design of Structural Steelwork. They conform to all relevant Building Regulations and the current Fire Precautions Act. Our working association with an Approved Inspector ensures that our project applications for Building Regulation Approval are speedily processed. Mezzanine Floors can be used in a variety of applications, which one do you need? Read more

Compartment lockers - for a comprehensive range of compartment lockers with a superior finish, designed and built to last. Ideal for Schools, offices, factories and sports centres etc. Powder coated as standard offering unbeatable value for money. Single compartment lockers 300mm and 450mm deep, fitted with hat shelf and double coat hook. Rail as standard on 450mm deep lockers. Sold as individual lockers or as a nest of lockers.  Short of space? Our unique Probe POD Lockers can increase your capacity by up to 165%! The Locker Pods come in various sizes and combinations and to save even more space you can add the optional rotating bases. We also offer various locking systems including key, combination plus coin or token operated. The education sector has particular requirements for personal storage. Whether in the classroom, sports hall or stores, the range of equipment and personal belongings which needs storing is almost endless. The M series range of lockers comes with quality and reliability as standard and is manufactured in the UK to ISO9001:2000, BS 4680 1996. Read more

Economy Workbench
Economy workbenches....Simple and economic solutions to the need of production assembly, maintenance and despatch personnel,18mm Chipboard working surface (210Kgs UDL) at a height of 928mm, Shelves on workstation carry 150Kgs UDL, Robust red uprights and light grey beam finish, other colours available on request. Kits supplied with metal feet and full assembly instructions.
WorkbenchesAssembled workbenches....Standard, Cantilever and heavy duty designs available. The modular design offers maximum operator comfort and efficiency, easily adapted to suit right or left handed operators in a choice of 2 heights. Benches feature 20mm worktops in a choice of 3 finishes These workbenches also have a wide range of add-on accessories available to extend their capabilities  to meet your needs
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Safety Steps and Platforms
Safety Access Steps
We offer a range of steps and platforms that include: office steps that move quickly and easily into position and locate firmly when load is applied. Wheel along storeroom steps, with an easy to use and pull movement, that have a positive location when in use. Easy slope safety steps with extra wide 1000mm wide steps and have a gentle 45° slope with optional safety gate, Easy action storeroom steps that are lightweight and highly manoeuvrable with a single handrail at a convenient height. Narrow aisle easy action safety steps, designed as compact steps for tight locations, available in 3 and 4 step models. Easy action warehouse steps, our best selling industrial steps, Office Stepsgenerous 559mm wide treads. Foot lock safety steps with a hands-free lock and unlock mechanism, easy to move and easy to mount. Lever brake safety steps, popular in design to Industrial standards, available in a wide range of sizes and colours. Single and double entry access platforms for safe and secure high level maintenance, generous platforms for efficient working. Read more

Warehouse Labelling
Warehouse Labelling
Magnetic and self-adhesive label and ticket holders provide instant identification for racking and shelving. They are easy to update and can be colour coded if required. Bay aisle markers for clear identification through the warehouse. Numbers and letters in 8 handy sizes and are suitable for a variety of uses throughout the warehouse including labelling of shelves, racking, plastic bins and other areas. End of aisle identification markers in two highly visible colour options. Document pockets or Magnetic Racking StripIndustrial pockets with welded edges are ideal for when documentation needs to be kept clean or simply for control of fast moving stock. Coloured magnetic easy wipe racking strip. Adheres to any steel surface, write on and wipe off as required. Available in 5 colour options. Easily cut to size. Magnetic easy wipe location markers supplied in sheets or as a single marker. Use a wet-wipe pen, write on – wipe of, update and move location when required. Shelf space for the complete warehouse labelling system.Read more / Contact Us